BlueHawk 1540 Pictures Schedules 4 Week Film Shoot In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

BlueHawk 1540 Pictures has secured location filming in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel including the site known as “The Wailing Wall”, also referred to as the Kotel. It is located in the Old Quarter of East Jerusalem.


This site will be used for some of the most impactful scenes in the upcoming film “Blood Crushed Altar” that begins shooting in early June 2015.

CEO, Writer and Producer of BlueHawk 1540 Pictures, Terric J. Blair said “Filming here in Jerusalem – the Holy Land, is going to really bring the full impact of this story to life. The scenes being written for this portion of the film are very dramatic and heavy and will cause an awareness of some of the happenings in the religious industry today.”

The filming for the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015 and will include six different locations in the United States as well as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

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BlueHawk 1540 Pictures, an Atlanta script production and scoring company serves the motion picture industry with the development of musical soundtracks and the creation of scripts, from which movie and television series are based.

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