BlueHawk 1540 Pictures will be producing a single for recording artists the Bolton Brothers

October. 6, 2014 – ATLANTA — BlueHawk 1540 Pictures will be musically producing a single for recording artists the Bolton Brothers this fall.  The Bolton Brothers consist of James H. Bolton, Lazarus Bolton, Jonathan Street, Ray Bolton and Bishop L.W. Bolton.

Songwriter, Music producer, and Composer Eddie Howard Jr. will be musically producing the upcoming single and 14 other songs in collaboration with the new CD project already in production. The Bolton Brothers have been nominated 3 times for the legendary “Stellar Awards”.

The Bolton Brothers newest musical project will be the most diverse musical project they’ve recorded in recent years. Music producer Eddie Howard Jr. has assembled a group of world renowned musicians for the upcoming Bolton Brothers project.

About BlueHawk 1540 Pictures

BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is an Atlanta based film score and production company started by Terric J. Blair and Eddie Howard Jr. They specialize in highly unique script and film score development and are expanding into full scale movie production in 2014. Eddie Howard, Jr. ( has played with a multitude of gospel projects from small groups to choirs and also branches out into R&B and smooth jazz. Media Contact BlueHawk 1540 Pictures Toll-Free:  888-558-1540 Atlanta, Georgia: 404-350-8988 Los Angeles, California: 818-852-4707

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