What We Are Doing

The film Blood Crushed Altar is being filmed 2018 through 2019 in 30 different locations in the U.S.  Stay tuned for updates here or contact us for more information.

Where We’ll Be

BlueHawk 1540 Pictures will be filming in 30 different locations for the upcoming film Blood Crushed Altar.   Get the inside story on where and when.

Recent Press

Read the latest news stories on BlueHawk 1540 Pictures and the upcoming film Blood Crushed Altar coming out in 2019.

About Us

BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is an Atlanta based film score and production company started by Terric J. Blair and Eddie J. Howard Jr.
They specialize in highly unique script and film score development and are expanding into full scale movie production in 2018 through 2019.

  • Crafted With Love

    The stories we create and the music we write comes from our heart.  We feel like that makes all of the difference.

  • Melodical by Nature

    With a strong history in music and songwriting we treat our films not as just a collection of pictures, but as a song that penetrates right to the heart.

  • Crazy Talented

    Our unique and creative approach to storytelling through music and film is different.  Our goal is to think outside the box and produce masterpieces, with every motion picture project.

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