The film story and transparency of the events that unravels in Blood Crushed Altar consist of scandal, pain, deceit and betrayal. However the film story embodies the collective power of love, forgiveness, strength and peace. A film story of freedom to live and let live. To never be bound in life’s chains with the misrepresentation of GOD, faith and religion.

The writer of Blood Crushed Altar, has done extensive research on today’s American Evangelical Church.

The upcoming film content is based on actual testimonies of people who have experienced the elemental atmosphere of fear and intimidation that greatly exists within all races and ethnicities of the American Evangelical Church.

The writer of Blood Crushed Altar wants the public to know that the Universe is not in search of perfect people. He is looking for people He can build into perfection.

The writer of Blood Crushed Altar has witnessed abuses that have taken place in the American Evangelical Church. Interviews with individuals affiliated with the Church have shown that many faithful, supportive, and financially giving church members have found themselves harmed or wounded by the actions of many American clergy.

Interviews have also shown that people have lost and buried their loved ones, because of the Evangelical Church genocide that has fallen upon the Universe’s offspring.

The writer of Blood Crushed Altar wants to relay to the public that we all have shortcomings and faults. However, the hour is getting really late. It is time for America to wake up, pull us all together, and let us rebuild and repair an altar that has been crushed by religious violence and blood.

malik-frontpageCharles Malik Whitfield – Read Charles Malik Whitfield’s Full Bio

ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, HBO, Showtime and Fox Searchlight Star
Starring Role – Blood Crushed Altar

“I’m extremely looking forward to this film being a representative of the belief in equality. For me Charles Malik Whitfield it might be the most relevant and passionate project that I’ve had the challenge of bringing to the big screen. There are no successes made alone. It takes a great team of justice and compassion.  So many lifetimes are spent respectfully, but never meet the plateau that can say – Finally.”

Charles Malik Whitfield

Paul Porter – Motown Music Recording Artist
Co-Starring role – Blood Crushed Altar
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“This movie will wake up a lot of people who follow false prophets. But as well, it will capture the hearts of men and women that read their Bibles and believe in the word of God. And it will also assure people that there is still someone who will preach and teach the unadulterated truth of God’s word. I’m sure this movie will stir up the souls of many, so put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride.”

Paul Porter
Motown Music Recording Artist


Bishop Michael E. Hill Sr.

“Blood Crushed Altar” is calling for us as a Nation unto God to divert from the momentous self destruction that awaits the downfall of our Red, White and Blue. “Blood Crushed Altar” will cause you to deeply soul-search and bring you to a point of undeniable reformation. I’m convinced this film story will also bring about some tears along with anger. However the climax of this film story has the freedom and stamp of approval from the “Ancient of Days” written all over it.”

Bishop Michael E. Hill Sr.

Dr. Bobby Jones

“My prayer is that this film will push the Body of Christ into a realm of Christ’s spirit that we have never witnessed before.”

Dr. Bobby Jones

“My prayer is that this film will open our eyes to see that the REAL enemy of the church is not the people representing it badly, but it’s the DEVIL. We know that a house divided against itself will not stand.
I pray this fiery film ignites us to unify and reclaim our position, singleness of purpose and power to be authentic witnesses for the Kingdom of God.”

Shirley Murdock
R&B and Gospel Music Recording Artist

James H. Bolton
Music Recording Artist

“From day one my heart leaped with affirmation knowing that this film story is going to impact thousands of lives.”

James H. Bolton
Music Recording Artist


“This movie will be Earth shattering and unlike any other seen.
Clarity will be truly revealed to the misled.”

Joe N. Little III
Music Recording Artist
Rude Boys
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