BlueHawk 1540 Pictures Receives DNS and Delisting Services from BACS

5starsAtlanta, GA – April 28, 2014 – Based in Atlanta, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures underwent a corporate transformation in the past six months. Since December 2013, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures has been making waves in the entertainment industry as the company’s script production and scoring services receive well-deserved acclaim. A few short months after the company’s rebranding announcement, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ team is ahead of schedule. Today, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ team celebrates the achievement of a company milestone thanks to Bay Area Computer Solutions.

After teaming up with Smart Marketer last year, the staff at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures has been working diligently to help the company reach the next stage of its growth. In partnership with Bay Area Computer Solutions, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures received DNS and delisting services. To achieve an integrated online presence, the company enlisted the help of Bay Area Computer Solutions to update domain names and company listings. When asked about this change, a company representative replied, “BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ team and staff gives Bay Area Computer Solutions a 5-star rating for their incomparable service, DNS service and delisting support.”

As a top tier company, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is primed for steady growth in the entertainment industry. With a combination of skill, passion and a talented team, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is preparing to add a taste of innovation to script and score production. Knowledgeable of both film and television, the team at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures plans to expand the company’s digital presence. During this expansion, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ partnership with Bay Area Computer Solutions (BACS) played an integral role in the successful completion of this phase.

Because of BACS’ assistance and support, the team at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is able to move forward strategically to exceed marketing goals. Combined with the company’s social media activity, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ new web presence will provide an engaging, brand-centered experience to visitors while opening new doors of opportunity for the east coast-based firm. Beyond the digital presence and brand goals, the team at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures desires a deeper connection with visitors who share an appreciation for quality script and score production.

Thus far, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ rebranding strategy is progressing at a steady pace, in time to meet the established summer 2014 completion deadline. With assistance from Bay Area Computer Solutions, the Atlanta-based entertainment firm is positioned to emerge as a leader in script development, score production and soundtrack creation on the east coast. Between active involvement on social media, a rejuvenated web presence and a top notch team, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is becoming a nationally recognized firm.

About BlueHawk 1540 Pictures
BlueHawk 1540 Pictures, based in Atlanta, specializes in script production and scoring for motion pictures and television series.

Contact BACS
Bay Area Computer Solutions
2625 Middlefield Road – Suite #561
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2516
Phone: 650-224-2472

Media Contact
BlueHawk 1540 Pictures
Toll-Free: 888-558-1540
Atlanta, Georgia: 404-350-8988
Los Angeles, California: 818-852-4707

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