lisaLisa Cameron was born in the small town of Kitchener Ontario Canada. She attended Hawaii Pacific University on a full dance scholarship while completing her Undergrad Degree in Business Administration.

Here she gained knowledge of the business world and how to become successful when owning you’re own business. Her time in Hawaii was spent becoming very involved in the school, participating in local marathons, School Events, and designing dance and school team wear.

This is where she really found her love for fashion. After finishing her degree in Hawaii she moved back to Canada and continued her love for fashion, working for a local dance studio where she was able to teach plus continue being creative designing dance costumes for her students of all ages.

This gave her the ability to gain experience on the process of creating an idea from scratch, working with local seamstresses and developing a final product. Lisa’s love for fashion and styling began at a very young age. Growing up heavily involved in the theatre, dancing, singing and acting pulled her interest for fashion.

She loved to see the creative process of how characters evolved through their wardrobe and costumes. After gaining as much knowledge as she could she set out for Los Angeles, California a place where she knew she could pursue her career goals of being a Fashion Stylist and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Here she gained extensive knowledge, being taught by the industries most valued giving her the perfect amount of background to set out on her own. Lisa is an energetic, motivating and creative person with a positive and innovative look on life. She feels it is important to build a great relationship with her clients in the industry where trust, support and creativity are always present.

Lisa is inspired by the world around her taking culture, music, art and lifestyle to her designs and concepts. Her passion is to enhance personal identities through what they wear and what she has styled them for. This can really show who they are as a person and exude they’re personal brand. Her career really took off when she began working with Alyson Stoner on her Pretty Girls Music Video last year.

She is an American actress, singer and professional dancer known for projects like Cheaper by the Dozen, The Step Up Franchise, Missy Elliot Music videos, Disney’s Camp Rock, & Phineas and Ferb. Working with her on the Pretty Girls music video they developed very distinct characters and this evolved they’re relationship very quickly.

Since then Alyson and Lisa work together on any project that involves wardrobe styling from red carpet to YouTube videos, music videos to editorial photo shoots. Working with Alyson Stoner has brought on several other clients for Lisa, which have seen her styling work on social media and reached out to work with her.

She has gained a talented list of celebrity clients that she works with on a weekly basis such as Allison Holker from Dancing with the Stars, Cody Saintgnue from MTV’s Teen Wolf, Giselle Ugarte Social Media influencer, Noah Urrea Actor and Singer on Kicks TV, Courtney Foote DJ & Performer, Chris Burkich Singer/Songwriter, Karlee Leilani Perez Actress for Lucha Underground, Britt Flatmo Singer/Songwriter, Billie Eilish Singer/Songwriter and model and lastly Finneas O’Connell Actor/Singer/Songwriter.

This list of celebrity clients has continuously grown for Lisa very quickly. She is able to really focus on who they are as a person and make sure that resonates through the style choices she makes for them. With these clients she has developed such a great relationship that she is able to dress them too like Alyson Stoner whenever they attend red carpets, film videos, attend events etc.

Lisa is always attempting and enjoys working with other people and companies in the industry to expand her knowledge and background continuously. Working on Commercials, short films to major feature films really gives her the ability to be well rounded and challenge herself in different wardrobe situations.

Her passion for this job really shines through her work and her ability to focus on each project individually by showcasing personality of each client and project through her style choices. Gianni Versace once said, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”