FASHION STYLIST AND DESIGNER, Na’kisha Sims, brings the world of fashion straight to Detroit and its surrounding areas, where she works closely with her clients to carefully craft the right look for their lifestyle. After more than 15 years working as a Teacher, Dean of students and educational manager, Nakisha decided to channel all her energy towards her passion; fashion and Personal Fashion Styling through her business KiSi Collections. KiSi (pronounced Kee-sigh) was founded in 2014 by Thabiti and Nakisha Sims and bears parts of both of their names in its title.  Its inspiration was simply the need to want to look different and more classic than the current fashion trends. KiSi has one goal and intent; to bring back the class and elegance to fashion.  Even though fashion is a revolving door, elegance is not!  Our affordable, custom clothing is designed to flatter from the short and small to the fierce and fluffy……we aim to please.  We stay on the cutting edge of style and fashion so that you don’t have to.  Each consultation is specific and detailed to cater to our client, their body type, and desire.  Our clients are our top priority. We are always striving to be better so our clients achieve the greatest fashionable look. Na’kisha’s business is designed to help individuals define their own distinctive image and style and re-create their look by streamlining, supplementing and styling their wardrobe.