Sharon Schaveet is an A-list producer, and a consultant to filming in Israel and Palestine. Running her own production company, Biblical Productions, she is experienced in managing large scale projects. Over the years, she has gained herself a leading role providing production services for international TV networks and independent film production companies in Israel/Palestine.

Sharon-SchaveetHer clients are top noch tv-stations such as National Geographic, Globo Brazil, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, etc. In Israel, she has covered all areas of film and television production, such as commercials, TV shows, VIP celebrity visits, Christian productions, reality shows and documentaries.

Her main expertise is Jerusalem. For twenty years she is making things happen in the most challenging city in the world. She earned the reputation of someone you call if you need anything in Jerusalem. Creativity, professionalism and innovation are the principles guiding her work and she is known for her integrity, and loyalty to her clients.

Her connections, knowledge and experience producing all over Jerusalem has given her international prestige of being the best address to produce in the Holy land. She combines fine style, great human skills and the ability to open doors everywhere.

Her biggest passion is photography and to find the most unique locations in the Middle East. Sharon is a trendsetter in finding new film locations and her facebook page is being followed by many people around the world. She also owns the company “miss locations”, which takes smaller groups on tours to visit locations from movies point of view.

She sees our clients as the most valuable asset to our business and people that work with us in the past always come back.

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